Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Information to Share with Legislators

March 2nd is our official Hill Day. We know that many of you are unable to attend. However, this is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to your legislators and educate them on board certification. Please take a few minutes, make a call, send an email, or write a note to thank them for the continued support of board certification through our annual stipend. 

If you don't know who your legislator is, you can find your legislator by visiting http://www.legislature.state.al.us/aliswww/default.aspx and clicking on the "Find My Legislator" tab.

Below you can find some specific information to include within your communication. We know that the more educated that our legislators are, the better education we can provide for every Alabama student.

National Board Certification information:
  • National Board Certification is a rigorous and reflective process. Achieving National Board Certification is the pinnacle of professional achievement for educators. The certification is comparable to those found in other premier professions such as medicine, engineering, and law. It empowers teachers with the ability to diagnose specific needs with each individual student and prescribe exactly the learning experiences and instructional support that promotes the highest level of educational success possible.
  • Numerous studies have shown that students who are taught by a NBCT outperform students of non-NBCTs on achievement tests. Additionally, NBCTs were found to be significantly more effective than their non-board certified peers with the same levels of experience. The positive impact of having an NBCT is even greater for minority and low-income students. The National Board process has also positively impacted teacher retention and inspires them to continue to sharpen their teaching practice
  • Because the National Board process is so impactful for student learning and professional growth, we thank you for promoting the National Board process by providing a stipend for teachers who successfully master this rigorous certification process. We strongly believe that providing this stipend encourages more teachers to pursue National Board Certification, which will positively impact the learning of Alabama students.
Alabama information:
  • Alabama currently has 2,339 National Board Certified Teachers.There are currently 327 teachers pursuing board certification.
  • Alabama is currently ranked 11th in the United States. 4.96% of Alabama teachers are board certified.
  • At the current rate of growth for board certification in Alabama, it will take 146 years before every child has an accomplished teacher.