Monday, January 8, 2018

Conference Session Highlights: Proposition #1 Student Learning

The 5 Core Propositions are what drive everything we do as NBCTS. The ALNBCT conference is coming up very soon and we are so excited to have so many wonderful concurrent sessions to help you in your professional growth in these core propositions! Here are some sessions you might want to check out that are related to Core Proposition #1-Teachers are committed to students and their learning.

1. Boys & Girls: The Gray Matters (Room 106 10:15-11:15) Educating Boys & Girls: The Gray Matters is an interactive and energetic workshop based on the works of Michael Gurian, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Eric Jensen on teaching the way the brain learns.

2. It's What you Say and How You Say It: How Communication Builds Culture (Room 114 10:15-11:15) Our daily interactions build relationships, create culture, and allow us to facilitate learning and lead change. The power of committed listening, effective questioning, reflective feedback, and partnership communication can be a game changer in your classroom, school, or family.

3. The Impact of Music on Language and Literacy Learning: (Room 112 11:20-12:20) Music can transform classrooms into learning environments that naturally support the academic, social, and emotional growth of students. This presentation will focus on using books that are songs and vehicles for teaching print concepts, rhyme, fluency, vocabulary, and building meaning.

4. Building a Culture of Thinkers: (Room 118 11:20-12:20) Participants will define and give examples of a culture of thinkers using Talents Unlimited. Teachers will incorporate depth and complexity of learning to identify the needs of all student populations.

5. Reaching Reluctant Writers: (Room 108 1:45-2:45) This session will demonstrate "tried and true" (and fun!) strategies that help bridge the gap for today's learners in the language arts classroom. The presenter will share best practices for teaching poetry, narratives, nonfiction, grammar, and punctuation that both engage and challenge students to become better writers, especially those who are most reluctant to write.

6. Getting the Most out of Google Classroom: (Room 106 2:50-3:50) Explore how to get started with Google Classroom and activities for engaging students with your daily lessons.

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