Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Conference Session Highlights: Proposition #2 Content Knowledge

Proposition #2-Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students. Being able to demonstrate this proposition is so important to educators. We must be willing to be continuous, life-long learners when it comes to the subjects we teach.  Here are a few concurrent sessions that are related to this proposition. 

1. Interactive Technology for Today’s Interactive Student: (Room 108 10:15-11:15) Interactive technology for today's student. We will find ways to engage your students while they are learning and growing as digital citizens.

2. Marvelous Math: (Room 117 10:15-11:15) Learn how to use a variety of resources to create real world problem based math lessons. Additionally, learn how gaming can bring strategy and fun to your classroom.

3. Make and Take Science Activities: (Room 118 10:15-11:15) This session will allow participants an opportunity to create hands-on projects from simple, cost-effective materials that can be used to incorporated STEM investigations as well as other areas of science. For example, a marshmallow catapult, a cork launcher, along with other samples but time may limit the number of items that can be made during the session

4. Tech Playground and Makerspace Showcase (Library All Day) Trace Crossings tech ambassadors share Maker Showcases and PBL. The students have a lot to share from making bikes, bike art, animation of bikes and much more.

5. Literacy Block Management: (Room 108 11:20-12:20) In this session, I will discuss the steps I used to set up and organize the literacy block on a partially departmentalized schedule for 4th Grade students.

6. Making Libraries the Heart of Literacy and Learning: (Room 111 11:20-12:20) EVERY educator should view the school library as the most important room in the building. Building a culture of reading is a critical but forgotten component of academic success. Come talk about how to make your library powerful!

7. Teaching Children for a Sustainable World: (Room 117 11:20-12:20) Discover engaging, hands-on activities that foster environmental stewardship while building primary math, language, and social studies skills

8. Writing Ideas and Strategies for the Middle School Writing Teacher: (Room 108 2:50-3:50) This session is an introduction to writing strategies used in an active middle school writing classroom, with examples, templates, and lesson plans. The presenter will walk through various writing prompts and provide additional resources for the writing classroom teacher.

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