Saturday, January 27, 2018

2018 Conference Closing Survey

Thank you so much for taking your Saturday to be with us! You have made the 2018 conference one of our best ever! Please be sure to complete the closing survey no later than February 3, 2018. Once you complete the survey, you will be given directions for receiving a certificate of attendance for the conference. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay informed! 

Save these dates:

  • ALNBCT Week March 4th-10th 
  • EdcampNBCT June 8th-location TBD

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Be the One Conference Reminders

We are eager to see everyone this Saturday for the Be the One Conference at Homewood Middle School. This event will feature a variety of useful and engaging sessions. In addition, we will pin our newest NBCTs, and we'll have a special recognition for all who recently renewed. We have four amazing educators from our state that will get our conference started with Ignite Speeches that will be sure to inspire and motivate you. It's going to be a great day for education in Alabama.  

 Here are just a few reminders for this weekend's event:
1. Arrive early as we expect over 400 attendees. Click on Directions to Homewood Middle School for directions.  
When you arrive, just look for the yellow ALNBCT signs.​Due to a large number of people attending the conference, participants need to plan to arrive between 8:00-8:30 as we will begin promptly at 9:00.  Parking in front of Homewood Middle School will fill quickly. There is additional parking behind the school accessed from Valley Avenue.

2. Be sure and bring your device. We will have a public wifi connection and many sessions will feature interactive learning opportunities. Plus, you'll want to post the pictures you take at the conference "Step & Repeat" background! It will be located in the lunchroom. 

3. PRINT A COPY OF THE CONCURRENT SESSIONS before you come. In an effort to go green, we are not providing paper copies of the concurrent sessions. It will be available on the blog all day! Click HERE for a link to the session list. 

3. Lunch from Taco Mama and light snacks will be provided. 

4. Remember to tag all of your social media posts with our conference hashtag: 
#alnbct .

We will have car decals for sale to help promote National Board certification in Alabama. They are one for $3 or two for $5. Please bring cash if possible. 

We also have t-shirts available from TeeSpring in two different styles and four colors. These will be a great way to show your ALNBCT Pride! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at We'll see you soon! 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Conference Session Highlights: Proposition #5 Learning Communities

Proposition #5: Teachers are members of learning communities. We know that we learn better together and we can learn from others. Having a PLN (Personal Learning Network) is so important for today's educators. We literally have a world of information on best practices at our fingertips. Here are a few concurrent sessions related to this proposition at this year's conference. 

1. It's What You Say and How You Say It: How Communication Builds Culture: (Room 116 10:15-11:15) Our daily interactions build relationships, create culture, and allow us to facilitate learning and lead change. The power of committed listening, effective questioning, reflective feedback, and partnership communication can be a game changer in your classroom, school or family.

2. Leaning in on Policy - Teacher Leaders, Advocacy and Outreach: (Room 106 11:20-12:20) It is critical that teacher leaders continually develop new leadership skills, work to create new partnerships and collaborations—both inside and outside the classroom-- and learn new ways to get involved in key education policy discussions and decisions.

3. Kick Start College: Room 112 1:45-2:45) Exposing students to college campuses builds capacity to create 4 year plans. The Kick-Start College program can exposes students to a college campus as early as 8th grade.

4. As Close as Your Device, and It's Free! Online Professional Development Opportunities: Free is a good word, especially when it involves professional development! Join Dr. Cordell for an online tour of free professional development opportunities for K-12 educators and library media specialists.

5. New National School Library Standards: The American Association of School Librarians is unveiling new national standards in November. This is an introduction to these new standards.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

UPDATED! Concurrent Session List

We are so excited that the conference is just a few days away! It's going to be an amazing day of learning, collaborating, and networking with wonderful educators from all across the state. Here is the updated Concurrent Session list for Saturday's conference. In an effort, to be more green we will not be providing paper copies the day of the conference so be sure to print one before you come! See you Saturday morning!

Meet Our Ignite Speakers: Andrew Maxey

Andrew Maxey believes public education’s greatest hope is to elevate the role of the classroom teacher and that National Board Certification provides the best mechanism for doing so. His writing, speaking, and advocacy centers on empowering and celebrating teachers. His day job is Director of Special Programs in Tuscaloosa.

Andrew Maxey is read to Be The One! You can join us too on January 27th at Homewood Middle School. Register today by clicking this link:

Friday, January 19, 2018

2018 Speed Learning Sessions

At this year's conference, one of the formats that we will be offering is a Speed Learning Session. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to attend four different fifteen-minute sessions during Concurrent Session Three, all designed to help us each Be the One. Check out the great Speed Learning Sessions being offered this year.

Stay tuned...the updated Concurrent Schedule is coming soon! We look forward to seeing you at Homewood Middle School on January 27th. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Session Formats

For this year's conference we are pleased to offer a variety of concurrent session formats. We will have the traditional sessions in the classrooms but here are four new formats that we are unveiling at this year's conference to make your day the best PD experience! 

Create Your Own PD: Don’t see a session that you want to attend? Create your own in this informal, unconference style presentation. Like an Edcamp, you sign up on the session board for a conversation that you would like to engage in on a particular topic. Then, everyone interested in that conversation, joins this session and shares ideas, questions, and answers

S.M.A.R.T.S: Join us in our Tech Playground and Makerspace Showcase. Trace Crossings tech ambassadors share Maker Showcases and PBL. The students have a lot to share from making bikes, bike art, animation of bikes and much more.

Actively Write: As busy practitioners, we  find it’s challenging to dedicate time to sit down and write for our components or our renewal. In this self-led, informal session, you can take time to review, edit, and compose. Current NBCTs or fellow candidates are welcome to join this session to read and provide feedback.

Speed Learning Sessions: In these sessions, you will have the opportunity to attend four fifteen-minute sessions facilitated by NBCTs. See the schedule for a list of session offerings.

An updated Concurrent Session List will be posted soon!

Conference Session Highlights: Proposition #4 Teacher Reflection

Proposition #4: Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience.  Most educators who take on the process to become an NBCT often state that one of the side effects of this process is becoming a more reflective practitioner. Here are a few concurrent sessions related to this proposition at this year's conference.  

1. Exploring Cross Curricular Planning: (Room 114 10:15-11:15 and 2:50-3:50) Cross-curricular units provide rewarding opportunities for student engagement because they fully understand how content areas are connected. This session will look at planning cross-curricular units and their learning benefits.

2. Separate But Equal: Teachers' Experiences with African American Males in Gender-specific Classrooms in an Urban School Setting: (Room 118 2:50-3:50) What is it like to be a teacher of African American males within a gender-specific classroom?” The purpose of this discussion to illuminate teachers‘ experiences with African American males.

These Sessions are specifically related to the NBCT process and are related to proposition #4 as well as the other propositions:

1. Surviving and Supporting Component 4: (Room 112 10-15:-11:15) Learn to navigate or support candidates through planning, organizing, and writing Component 4

2. Ready to Renew?: The Renewal Process: Room 114 11:20-12:20)  Where do I begin? What is involved? How long does it take? Who can help? Answers to all of these questions and more

3. Have Questions about Board Certification?: (Room 106 1:45-2:45) This session is for those contemplating or beginning the board certification process. Are you asking, “Where do I begin? How long does it take? Where can I get help?” Get answers to all of these questions from veteran NBCTs and those who have just certified under the new process.

4. Renewal Work Session: (Room 114 1:45-2:45) In this session, candidates for renewal will begin the development of their professional growth experiences (PGE's) and begin writing component 1.

5. Ins and Outs of Component 4: (Room 118 1:45-2:45) Unpacking the newly redesigned Component 4

Monday, January 15, 2018

Conference Session Highlights: Proposition #3 Student Learning

Proposition #3-Teachers are responsible to managing and monitoring student learning. Knowing what our students know and don't know is where the true art of teaching comes out in a classroom setting. It doesn't matter if that setting is with young children or adults. Here are a few of the wonderful concurrent sessions that will be available at this year's conference related to this proposition. 

1. Supporting and Empowering Diverse Learners Through Collaboration and Goal Setting: (Room 111 10:15-11:15) Diversity is a word that describes today's classrooms. Teacher collaboration and individual goal setting are ways in which we can set up diverse learners for success. Explore student engagement and empowerment strategies supported by research to promote higher levels of academic achievement. Learn effective and practical ways to engage diverse learners in academic growth.

2. TECH IT, MAKE IT: (Room 116 11:20-12:20 and 1:45-2:45) Come and learn how one elementary school incorporates STEAM and Maker across grade levels and content areas.

3. Grading Reform 101: How to Examine & Change My Grading Practices: (Room 111 1:45-2:45) Classroom grading has more direct influence on student learning than any other instructional practice. Let's talk about how to ensure that grading moves learning forward instead of getting in the way.

4. Rethinking Dropout Intervention- Early, Vertical, Comprehensive!: (Room 118 2:50-3:50) Participants examine the research, reflect on current practices, and gain an understanding of best practices, timing, and implementation in order to effectively prevent dropouts

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Meet Our Ignite Speakers: Gay Barnes

Gay Barnes is an Assistant Professor of Education at Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham, Alabama. She began her teaching career in 1987 and has loved every single minute of her work as an educator since that first day. Gay holds a master’s degree as well as an education specialist degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a doctorate in Literacy/Reading Education from Alabama A&M University. She is a National Board Certified Teacher as an Early Childhood Generalist. Currently, she is working on a doctorate in Early Childhood Education from Walden University. In 2012 she was named Alabama’s Teacher of the Year and was selected as a National Teacher of the Year Finalist. Gay has learned much about the art of teaching from her colleagues and students both past and present. However, it is from the five children who call her mom that she has learned the importance of fiercely advocating for developmentally appropriate practices for our youngest learners.

Gay Barnes is ready to Be the One. How about you?

Join us on January 27th for the annual Alabama NBCT Network conference. You can register by clicking this link:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Conference Session Highlights: Proposition #2 Content Knowledge

Proposition #2-Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students. Being able to demonstrate this proposition is so important to educators. We must be willing to be continuous, life-long learners when it comes to the subjects we teach.  Here are a few concurrent sessions that are related to this proposition. 

1. Interactive Technology for Today’s Interactive Student: (Room 108 10:15-11:15) Interactive technology for today's student. We will find ways to engage your students while they are learning and growing as digital citizens.

2. Marvelous Math: (Room 117 10:15-11:15) Learn how to use a variety of resources to create real world problem based math lessons. Additionally, learn how gaming can bring strategy and fun to your classroom.

3. Make and Take Science Activities: (Room 118 10:15-11:15) This session will allow participants an opportunity to create hands-on projects from simple, cost-effective materials that can be used to incorporated STEM investigations as well as other areas of science. For example, a marshmallow catapult, a cork launcher, along with other samples but time may limit the number of items that can be made during the session

4. Tech Playground and Makerspace Showcase (Library All Day) Trace Crossings tech ambassadors share Maker Showcases and PBL. The students have a lot to share from making bikes, bike art, animation of bikes and much more.

5. Literacy Block Management: (Room 108 11:20-12:20) In this session, I will discuss the steps I used to set up and organize the literacy block on a partially departmentalized schedule for 4th Grade students.

6. Making Libraries the Heart of Literacy and Learning: (Room 111 11:20-12:20) EVERY educator should view the school library as the most important room in the building. Building a culture of reading is a critical but forgotten component of academic success. Come talk about how to make your library powerful!

7. Teaching Children for a Sustainable World: (Room 117 11:20-12:20) Discover engaging, hands-on activities that foster environmental stewardship while building primary math, language, and social studies skills

8. Writing Ideas and Strategies for the Middle School Writing Teacher: (Room 108 2:50-3:50) This session is an introduction to writing strategies used in an active middle school writing classroom, with examples, templates, and lesson plans. The presenter will walk through various writing prompts and provide additional resources for the writing classroom teacher.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Conference Session Highlights: Proposition #1 Student Learning

The 5 Core Propositions are what drive everything we do as NBCTS. The ALNBCT conference is coming up very soon and we are so excited to have so many wonderful concurrent sessions to help you in your professional growth in these core propositions! Here are some sessions you might want to check out that are related to Core Proposition #1-Teachers are committed to students and their learning.

1. Boys & Girls: The Gray Matters (Room 106 10:15-11:15) Educating Boys & Girls: The Gray Matters is an interactive and energetic workshop based on the works of Michael Gurian, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Eric Jensen on teaching the way the brain learns.

2. It's What you Say and How You Say It: How Communication Builds Culture (Room 114 10:15-11:15) Our daily interactions build relationships, create culture, and allow us to facilitate learning and lead change. The power of committed listening, effective questioning, reflective feedback, and partnership communication can be a game changer in your classroom, school, or family.

3. The Impact of Music on Language and Literacy Learning: (Room 112 11:20-12:20) Music can transform classrooms into learning environments that naturally support the academic, social, and emotional growth of students. This presentation will focus on using books that are songs and vehicles for teaching print concepts, rhyme, fluency, vocabulary, and building meaning.

4. Building a Culture of Thinkers: (Room 118 11:20-12:20) Participants will define and give examples of a culture of thinkers using Talents Unlimited. Teachers will incorporate depth and complexity of learning to identify the needs of all student populations.

5. Reaching Reluctant Writers: (Room 108 1:45-2:45) This session will demonstrate "tried and true" (and fun!) strategies that help bridge the gap for today's learners in the language arts classroom. The presenter will share best practices for teaching poetry, narratives, nonfiction, grammar, and punctuation that both engage and challenge students to become better writers, especially those who are most reluctant to write.

6. Getting the Most out of Google Classroom: (Room 106 2:50-3:50) Explore how to get started with Google Classroom and activities for engaging students with your daily lessons.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Meet our Ignite Speakers: Tammy Dunn

As a career educator, she has had the opportunity to serve as a high school teacher, district administrator and currently, the Vice President for Academic Affairs at A+ College Ready, an education non-profit organization.  While she has had the honor to receive the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching and to serve as the 2003-04 Alabama Teacher of the Year, she is most proud of being a National Board Certified Teacher with one renewal under her belt and to have mentored well over 100 teachers for National Board certification. She is also honored to have the opportunity to serve on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Board of Directors.  Her passion for education is only eclipsed by her passion for her four grandchildren who are the joys of her life!

Tammy Dunn is willing to Be the One. Are you? 

Our annual conference will be held on Saturday, January 27, 2018. We are encouraging all teachers to join in. 

To register for this powerful conference, use this link: