Monday, January 2, 2017

Conference Session Highlights: Problem Solving Sessions

Here are some of the great breakout sessions that are related to technology integration that you will definitely want to check out!

1. Tech Playground & Makerspace Showcase-This is an unstructured session that will be held in the library during each breakout session time. This is just a time to learn and play with some of the cool tech tools available today or to see what a Makerspace is all about!

2. Breakout EDU (10:15-11:15 Room 116) Breakout EDU are highly-engaging learning games for people of all ages. Games (Breakouts) require teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and content area knowledge by presenting participants with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem-solve. Come experience Breakout EDU firsthand and discover all the learning opportunities it opens for all learners.

3. Using Google tools to Create Digital Breakout Challenges (11:20-12:20 Room 116) Breakout EDU involves collaboration, team building, and problem solving. Try a digital challenge-then learn how to use Google tools to create your own digital version of an engaging game for your students.

4. M3: Make Math Meaningful (10:15-11:15 Room 117) Learn how to use a variety of resources to create real world problem based math lessons. Additionally, learn how gaming can bring strategy and fun to your classroom.

5. Newton Cars (10:15-11:15 Room 118) This session will focus on Newton's Laws of Motion and provide the participants with a hands-on activity involving "Newton Cars". The lab activity will show teachers and inexpensive way to teach these concepts.

6.Think Outside the Box-Creating student-centered, cross-curricular instruction (11:20-12:20 Room 117) We will be creating cross curricular instruction for all grades and skill levels. Participants will leave with digital resources, rubric ideas, and multiple ideas to get them started.

7. Challenged Based Lab Investigations (1:45-2:45 Room 114) Traditional labs require students to collect data to discover or confirm a concept. During these labs I have noticed my struggling students tend to become overwhelmed trying to make sense of all the data, while offering little challenge to advanced students. Challenge-based labs require students to go beyond simply collecting and analyzing data to one that requires students to apply what they have learned to solve a given challenge. During this session the presenter will demonstrate several of the challenge based labs they have used.

8. Building a Culture of Critical and Creative Thinkers: (1:45-2:45 Lunchroom) Based on critical and creative thinking, the Talents Unlimited framework promotes engaging, rigorous conversation relevant to any content. Upon implementation, students become responsible for learning through discovery and dialogue.

9. Achieving College and Career Readiness by implementing Argument Driven Investigations in Science: (1:45-2:45 Room 111) The new College and Career Readiness Standards are in effect! Are you just a little freaked out as you ponder ways to achieve them in your classroom? Hakuna matata! No worries! We will explore the heart of Argument Driven Inquiry and discuss ways to implement ADI into your classroom.

10. STEM + Art = STEAM. (1:45-2:45 Room 112) An opportunity to see how STEAM is used in the elementary classroom. You will have the chance to brainstorm ideas with other teachers which you can take back to your school.