Monday, January 16, 2017

Conference Session Highlights: Improving Your Practice

These sessions will help you improve your practice as an educator with sessions dealing with assessment, best instructional practices, and teacher leadership.

1. Boys & Girls: The Gray Matters (10:15-11:15 Room 106) This workshop provides practical classroom strategies on how to engage boys and girls based on brain research and active and engaged learning. 

2. Standards Based Grading: Ethics, Equity, and Social Justice: (10:15-11:15 Room 111) If you are looking for a gentle suggestion that we consider thinking about our grading practices at some point, pick a different session. This session will make the strong point that current grading practices MUST change as a matter of ethics, equity, and social justice.

3. Teaching Reading beyond Elementary School: Why Reading Strategies are Important at any level: (10:15-11:15 Room 112) This session will focus on implementing reading strategies that enhance learners' ability to read while teaching specific content area material in the secondary setting.

4. Making the Case for Middle School as Priority: (11:20-12:20 Room 111) Middle grades have long been the lowest priority in public education. Instead, young adolescents need a developmentally appropriate education guided by specially trained, passionate educators. Let's talk about how to make it happen!

5. Data Takes the Wheel: (11:20-12:20 Room 112) This session will simulate how to use collaborative and engaging activities as formative assessments and how teachers can utilize the data these activities provide to design targeted, differentiated instruction.

6. Leading a Team by Building Relationships and Coaching Growth: (11:20-12:20 Room 114) We will discuss and try strategies including taking the time to share life stories, harnessing the talents of team members, and using coaching skills.

7. Adventures in Teaching: (11:20-12:20 Room 118) What first-hand experiences would improve your teaching? Learn how to apply for grants that allow you to travel, expand your knowledge base, and bring those experiences back to the classroom.

8. RtI, One Tier at a Time!: (1:45-2:45 Room 108) We would like to reintroduce you to RtI! As you become more familiar with the 3 tiers of instruction, true differentiation in your classroom can become a reality!

9. Schoolwide Google Classroom Model: (1:45-2:45 Room 116) See how Spain Park administrators are modeling online classroom content delivery and interaction through a faculty-wide Google Classroom. Teachers and administrators also engage students through grade-level Google Classrooms encouraging reflection and dialogue from all stakeholders.

10. Mastery is not a Mystery: (1:45-2:45 Room 117) Create a mastery rubric you can use with your students. Look at assessing students on their mastery. Walk through the process and leave with a rubric to use in the classroom!!

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