Monday, January 9, 2017

Conference Session Highlights: Becoming an NBCT or Renewal

These sessions will focus on becoming an NBCT or renewal.  A couple of sessions are available as  work sessions for educators who are already in the process of becoming an NBCT or renewing their certification.

1. Are You Reading to Pursue Board Certification? (10:15-11:15 Room 108) This session is for those contemplating or beginning the board certification process. Are you asking"Where do I being? how long does it take? Where can I get help?" Get answers to all of these questions plus more!

2. What's National Board Certification and why should I pursue it? (10:15-11:15 Room 114) This session will provide an overview of board certification and its benefits, and how to begin the journey of becoming an accomplished teacher.

3. Ready to Renew? (11:20-12:20 Room 106)The Renewal Process:  Where do I begin? What is involved? How long does it take? Who can help? Answers to all of these questions and more!

4. Candidate Work Session (11:10-12:10 Room 108) This session is an informal time to begin brainstorming ideas, outlining the specific steps for each of the components, asking questions and building resources for successfully navigating the board certification process.

5. Renewal Work Session (1:45-2:45 Room 106) Getting ready to renew your board certification? In this session, you will work on identifying your areas of growth, brainstorm the types of artifacts to collect, ask questions and begin your journey towards renewal.

6. Collaborating Candidates: National Boards and edTPA (1:45-2:45 Room 118) How can Alabama's National Board candidate support programs collaborate with Alabama colleges and universities to provide a reciprocal support system for both NB candidates and edTPA candidates?

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