Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Leadership Breakout Sessions 2016

At this year's conference we really have something for educators at every level.  Below are some of the great sessions in the Leadership strand designed for leaders at the classroom level and beyond. Register at http://alnbct2016.eventbrite.com

Panel Discussion: Sharing our Stories: Influencing Change from the Classroom and Beyond
This session will be a wonderful open discussion on how to influence change in your classrooms and outside the classroom in positive ways.

Don't Put a Lid On Their Jars!
Identifying ways we unwittingly limit the growth of our students, our colleagues, and ourselves!

Leadership: Moving from Ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY demonstrates the importance of leadership in establishing a positive school environment and creating achievement for all students regardless of barriers.

Teacher-led Instructional Rounds to Create a Culture of Collaboration: Teacher leaders implementing a program of peer observations to encourage continual growth and collaboration

National University-A Master's Program Crafted for the NBCT Teacher: National University offers a master's program specifically designed for the teacher seeking National Board Certification. Coursework concentrates on NBCT Standards and you finish with a master’s degree ready to become an NBCT.

Sun Tzu, Ender Wiggin, and Albus Dumbledore on Leadership
If you are an NBCT, you must be a leader. Check out this fun discussion of leadership practices that can be gleaned from a 5th Century (BC) Chinese military general, a fictional child genius, and a wizard.

This year we will also have one session just for superintendents and district leaders facilitated by Michaela Miller from the NBPTS organization.

How does National Board Certification impact districts? Come learn how board certification positively impacts student learning and strengthens entire districts.

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