Thursday, December 10, 2015

Best Teaching Practices Breakout Sessions 2016

Educators are always eager to improve their practice.  Here are some of the wonderful breakout sessions for the Best Teaching Practices strand for this year's conference on January 23rd.  These are sessions that you absolutely do not want to miss!!  If you haven't registered, you can do so by going to  

Building Bridges with Middle & High School Students Through STEM:
Even big kids learn through play! Walk alongside two teacher librarians who are beginning the journey to implement STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) into their middle and high schools, and practice using cutting edge makerspace equipment.

Don't Put a Lid On Their Jars!
Identifying ways we unwittingly limit the growth of our students, our colleagues, and ourselves!  

The IQ on the EQ: A good essential question is used to promote inquiry. Engage students in the content of the curriculum and make them hungry for knowledge. Keep them coming back for more by asking essential questions.

GEMS-Girls Engaged in Math and Science: GEMS-Girls Engaged in Math and Science is an Expo open for girls in grades K-12. Learn how you can participate in this great FREE event with your own team of seven girls. You will also hear how Hoover City Schools developed their own local Expo and what you can do to plan an event in your school system.

Even More Chrome Extensions and Apps to Power Up Your Classroom: Chrome apps and extensions continue to make the Chrome experience more powerful and productive for students and teachers. Google Apps for Education plug-ins and add-ons allow easier communication and collaboration Learn the latest favorites and how teachers are using them to engage students and power up their classrooms.

Relate, Motivate, Educate
This seminar demonstrates multiple & quick ways to relate and motivate your students on a daily basis, thus preparing students to learn and grow! Teachers will leave with ideas & materials.

Mastery Is Not A Mystery Any More: We will look at what is defined as mastery and how to make a measurable, student friendly rubric that assesses learning and not behaviors.

Charting New Horizons with Anchor Charts: During this session, educators will learn the benefits of creating anchor charts WITH students! Educators will be able to develop effective strategies to create a positive classroom-learning environment.

Making Math Meaningful in Middle School - M3: Engage your students in hands-on authentic math lessons based on the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards. Learn to make math fun and meaningful. Math no longer has to be boring!

Teach Facilitating Creative and Critical Thinking for 21st Century Learners:Stimulate learners to become thinkers by leading them to discover critical and creative thinking skills. Using Talents Unlimited, learning is facilitated in an atmosphere of engaged discussion.

Crossing the Bridge to Cross-Curricular Instruction: Cross the bridge into the exciting world of cross-curricular instruction. See how to make connections that will help students see that all subjects interact with one another and make their learning more meaningful.

Fishbowls and Socratic Circles: Diving Into Student-Led Discussion: Fishbowls and Socratic circles are excellent opportunities for students to engage in conversations and gain a deeper understanding about text they are reading or content being learned.

STEAM in Elementary School: STEAM includes the creativity of the arts with well-known STEM activities. This session is a demonstration of how Margaret Elementary School is using STEAM principles to boost student engagement and learning.

When it Comes to Flipping my Class...Video lectures at home? Homework in class? Introducing a new world of active learning where teachers can be there when students need them. Secondary teachers can flip a lesson today.

Engaging Everyone through Strategic Student Learning Opportunities: Engaging teachers produce engaged students! This session will expose participants to various ways of addressing diversity in the classroom using student engagement strategies and techniques to improve student growth and achievement.

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