Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Conscious Leadership with Mark Hoog

The most influential people throughout history have mastered a few simple principals to impact the world.  Every day in America... Teachers make a conscious decision to share the same life-changing leadership ideas with our youth.  Welcome to Conscious Leadership.

Mark Hoog is the author of the best selling Growing Field children's leadership book series, the founder of the Children's Leadership Institute, and a Captain with United Airlines.  Visit http://www.growingfield.com for more information on Growing Field.

Inspired by the events of September 11th, Mark set out to inspire people of all ages to "pick up their Sharpie" and make their signature on the world around them.

You will laugh, you will cry but, most importantly, you will leave Conscious Leadership better understanding the impact you make in the world! ~Mark Hoog

Please join us in welcoming Mark Hoog to our ALNBCT Network Conference on Saturday, January 24, 2015, as the keynote speaker.  You will find the registration information by {clicking here}.  The conference is open to all educators, administrators, and preservice teachers.