Sunday, January 19, 2014

Our Tech Playground

At this year's conference, we are excited to bring you a new learning opportunity, the Tech Playground. This is an informal area that will be open during the second, third, and fourth breakout session times. You can drop by to ask questions regarding challenges that you may be having with technology, new goals that you may be trying to reach, or share an idea with other educators. If you have asked any of these questions lately, the Tech Playground is the place for you!

  1. Are you trying to build a Professional Learning Network with whom you can connect and learn? 
  2. Have you tried using Twitter but are unsure how it could be useful in your own teaching practice? 
  3. Did you just learn about a new tool in another session and want some additional time to play with it until you find your comfort zone?
  4. Are you looking for ways to easily organize your life with the use of digital tools? 
  5. Do you have an idea of a learning activity you would like to do with your students, but you aren't sure what tools to use or how to put it into practice?
  6. Have you been hearing about gamifying the classroom, but you aren't sure how to begin?
  7. Do you have questions about managing technology within your classroom?
  8. Have you tried some new tools with your students and you've gotten stuck and aren't sure how to proceed?
  9. Do you have a tool or lesson that really went well and you want to share it with others?
If any of these are questions that are on your mind, the Tech Playground is waiting for you. This area will be hosted by educators who have an enormous amount of expertise in the area of technology. The Tech Playground is a sandbox area where you can ask questions, get answers, and learn a host of new ideas to begin immediately putting into practice.

We know this addition to the conference schedule will bring a different type of learning to the program. Be sure to register soon. The conference is less than a week away. See you on January 25th.

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