Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Call to Action

One of our missions at the Alabama NBCT Network is to keep all of our members informed of developments that impact the quality of teaching that we can provide for our students. Following is a message from Tammy Dunn, who is not only one of our network members, but also serves on the National Boards.
I am writing in hopes that we can mobilize the members of the Alabama NBCT network to contact their legislators about the importance of continuing our work with the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS).  I do not know if you are aware, but the standards are under intense attack in the current legislative session.  The legislation is in the state Senate right now, Senate bill 190.  This bill would repeal the CCRS and would prohibit the SDE from developing a longitudinal data tracking system for students.

As NBCT’s, we are know the importance of challenging standards for ALL of our students.  We know the value of helping students to conceptualize understanding and to learn the process skills that will equip them to be life-long learners, no matter what course they take upon exiting schools.  While schools, districts, teachers, and students have struggled to learn how to implement the new CCRS math standards during the 2012 – 13 school year, their presence and implementation have opened up new forms of dialogue around how to raise expectations for our students and our teachers.  It would be such a shame for us to take a backward step.

The senators and representatives are hearing A LOT from opponents of these standards.  Unfortunately, they are not hearing much from supporters.  I think the NBCT voice needs to be LOUDLY heard.  We should be one of the groups advocating for our belief that all ALABAMA STUDENTS can learn and deserve to have rigorous standards and expectations.  We also know that student learning is the root of everything we do.  We need to have data tracking systems that helps schools, districts, teachers, students and parents easily see a student’s progress or lack thereof.

I am asking you to help me to contact the members of the NBCT network to ask them to contact their representatives.  Jabo Waggoner, my senate representative, is a sponsor of this bill.  I have called his office three times this morning and finally left a message.  I have asked for him to call me.  I have been told that a call is superior to an email. 

We need to educate ourselves about this potential legislation and weigh in.  We need the NBCT voice to be heard on behalf of deserving Alabama Students. ~Tammy Dunn 

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