Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Movie Not to Be Missed

While attending the NBPTS Conference in DC, the movie trailer to MITCHELL20 was shown. Immediately, the viewer is taken in by the overwhelming factors faced by these teachers. As a teacher, you immediately identify with the struggle, frustration, and challenges of teachers at the Mitchell School in Phoenix, Arizona. However, before you feel that all hope it lost, you see 20 teachers decide to change the one thing that they can control....the quality of their teaching. They are hardworking, dedicated and passionate about what they are doing and how that can positively impact their students.

As soon as I returned to my laptop, I looked for area screening. Unfortunately, none of the screenings scheduled were anywhere near Birmingham. Then, my path crossed with Kathy Wiebke, a board member of NBPTS and... the film maker of MITCHELL20. I inquired of Kathy about the possibility of bringing MITCHELL20 to Birmingham. The Alabama NBCT Network was moved by the story told in the film and thrilled that we can bring this amazing film to our annual conference on January 28th.

We are pleased to announce that Kathy, who is passionate about accomplished teaching that reaches every student, will be our other keynote speaker. She will be sharing stories from the film that all of us will find inspirational. Then after lunch, MITCHELL20 will be shown and there will be a question-answer session with Kathy immediately following. 

We are happy to let you know that your registration cost will also cover the cost of the movie screening until all seats are sold out. Any seats not sold for the conference, will be available for purchase. If you have colleagues, that may not be able to attend the conference, but would like to attend the screening, there will be a charge of $5. Don't delay in registering. We're sure no one wants to miss this exciting opportunity. 

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