Monday, January 15, 2018

Conference Session Highlights: Proposition #3 Student Learning

Proposition #3-Teachers are responsible to managing and monitoring student learning. Knowing what our students know and don't know is where the true art of teaching comes out in a classroom setting. It doesn't matter if that setting is with young children or adults. Here are a few of the wonderful concurrent sessions that will be available at this year's conference related to this proposition. 

1. Supporting and Empowering Diverse Learners Through Collaboration and Goal Setting: (Room 111 10:15-11:15) Diversity is a word that describes today's classrooms. Teacher collaboration and individual goal setting are ways in which we can set up diverse learners for success. Explore student engagement and empowerment strategies supported by research to promote higher levels of academic achievement. Learn effective and practical ways to engage diverse learners in academic growth.

2. TECH IT, MAKE IT: (Room 116 11:20-12:20 and 1:45-2:45) Come and learn how one elementary school incorporates STEAM and Maker across grade levels and content areas.

3. Grading Reform 101: How to Examine & Change My Grading Practices: (Room 111 1:45-2:45) Classroom grading has more direct influence on student learning than any other instructional practice. Let's talk about how to ensure that grading moves learning forward instead of getting in the way.

4. Rethinking Dropout Intervention- Early, Vertical, Comprehensive!: (Room 118 2:50-3:50) Participants examine the research, reflect on current practices, and gain an understanding of best practices, timing, and implementation in order to effectively prevent dropouts

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Meet Our Ignite Speakers: Gay Barnes

Gay Barnes is an Assistant Professor of Education at Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham, Alabama. She began her teaching career in 1987 and has loved every single minute of her work as an educator since that first day. Gay holds a master’s degree as well as an education specialist degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a doctorate in Literacy/Reading Education from Alabama A&M University. She is a National Board Certified Teacher as an Early Childhood Generalist. Currently, she is working on a doctorate in Early Childhood Education from Walden University. In 2012 she was named Alabama’s Teacher of the Year and was selected as a National Teacher of the Year Finalist. Gay has learned much about the art of teaching from her colleagues and students both past and present. However, it is from the five children who call her mom that she has learned the importance of fiercely advocating for developmentally appropriate practices for our youngest learners.

Gay Barnes is ready to Be the One. How about you?

Join us on January 27th for the annual Alabama NBCT Network conference. You can register by clicking this link:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Conference Session Highlights: Proposition #2 Content Knowledge

Proposition #2-Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students. Being able to demonstrate this proposition is so important to educators. We must be willing to be continuous, life-long learners when it comes to the subjects we teach.  Here are a few concurrent sessions that are related to this proposition. 

1. Interactive Technology for Today’s Interactive Student: (Room 108 10:15-11:15) Interactive technology for today's student. We will find ways to engage your students while they are learning and growing as digital citizens.

2. Marvelous Math: (Room 117 10:15-11:15) Learn how to use a variety of resources to create real world problem based math lessons. Additionally, learn how gaming can bring strategy and fun to your classroom.

3. Make and Take Science Activities: (Room 118 10:15-11:15) This session will allow participants an opportunity to create hands-on projects from simple, cost-effective materials that can be used to incorporated STEM investigations as well as other areas of science. For example, a marshmallow catapult, a cork launcher, along with other samples but time may limit the number of items that can be made during the session

4. Tech Playground and Makerspace Showcase (Library All Day) Trace Crossings tech ambassadors share Maker Showcases and PBL. The students have a lot to share from making bikes, bike art, animation of bikes and much more.

5. Literacy Block Management: (Room 108 11:20-12:20) In this session, I will discuss the steps I used to set up and organize the literacy block on a partially departmentalized schedule for 4th Grade students.

6. Making Libraries the Heart of Literacy and Learning: (Room 111 11:20-12:20) EVERY educator should view the school library as the most important room in the building. Building a culture of reading is a critical but forgotten component of academic success. Come talk about how to make your library powerful!

7. Teaching Children for a Sustainable World: (Room 117 11:20-12:20) Discover engaging, hands-on activities that foster environmental stewardship while building primary math, language, and social studies skills

8. Writing Ideas and Strategies for the Middle School Writing Teacher: (Room 108 2:50-3:50) This session is an introduction to writing strategies used in an active middle school writing classroom, with examples, templates, and lesson plans. The presenter will walk through various writing prompts and provide additional resources for the writing classroom teacher.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Conference Session Highlights: Proposition #1 Student Learning

The 5 Core Propositions are what drive everything we do as NBCTS. The ALNBCT conference is coming up very soon and we are so excited to have so many wonderful concurrent sessions to help you in your professional growth in these core propositions! Here are some sessions you might want to check out that are related to Core Proposition #1-Teachers are committed to students and their learning.

1. Boys & Girls: The Gray Matters (Room 106 10:15-11:15) Educating Boys & Girls: The Gray Matters is an interactive and energetic workshop based on the works of Michael Gurian, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Eric Jensen on teaching the way the brain learns.

2. It's What you Say and How You Say It: How Communication Builds Culture (Room 114 10:15-11:15) Our daily interactions build relationships, create culture, and allow us to facilitate learning and lead change. The power of committed listening, effective questioning, reflective feedback, and partnership communication can be a game changer in your classroom, school, or family.

3. The Impact of Music on Language and Literacy Learning: (Room 112 11:20-12:20) Music can transform classrooms into learning environments that naturally support the academic, social, and emotional growth of students. This presentation will focus on using books that are songs and vehicles for teaching print concepts, rhyme, fluency, vocabulary, and building meaning.

4. Building a Culture of Thinkers: (Room 118 11:20-12:20) Participants will define and give examples of a culture of thinkers using Talents Unlimited. Teachers will incorporate depth and complexity of learning to identify the needs of all student populations.

5. Reaching Reluctant Writers: (Room 108 1:45-2:45) This session will demonstrate "tried and true" (and fun!) strategies that help bridge the gap for today's learners in the language arts classroom. The presenter will share best practices for teaching poetry, narratives, nonfiction, grammar, and punctuation that both engage and challenge students to become better writers, especially those who are most reluctant to write.

6. Getting the Most out of Google Classroom: (Room 106 2:50-3:50) Explore how to get started with Google Classroom and activities for engaging students with your daily lessons.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Meet our Ignite Speakers: Tammy Dunn

As a career educator, she has had the opportunity to serve as a high school teacher, district administrator and currently, the Vice President for Academic Affairs at A+ College Ready, an education non-profit organization.  While she has had the honor to receive the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching and to serve as the 2003-04 Alabama Teacher of the Year, she is most proud of being a National Board Certified Teacher with one renewal under her belt and to have mentored well over 100 teachers for National Board certification. She is also honored to have the opportunity to serve on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Board of Directors.  Her passion for education is only eclipsed by her passion for her four grandchildren who are the joys of her life!

Tammy Dunn is willing to Be the One. Are you? 

Our annual conference will be held on Saturday, January 27, 2018. We are encouraging all teachers to join in. 

To register for this powerful conference, use this link:

Friday, December 22, 2017

Welcome to the ALNBCT Family!

The ALNBCT Network is very excited to welcome some wonderful Alabama educators to the ALNBCT family! If you earned the title NBCT this year, the Alabama NBCT Network would like to offer you a free yearlong membership to the network and a free conference registration. At this year's conference, we will be engaging in a longtime National Board tradition and hosting an official pinning ceremony for each of Alabama's new NBCTs. The pinning ceremony will take place at the beginning of the conference. Please complete the survey below by January 10, 2018 if you will be joining us at the conference. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Let's Get Ready for Score Release Day!

Hello Alabama NBCT Candidates,
The entire Alabama NBCT Network is very excited and anxious about Score Release Day this Saturday.  We wanted to share some important information that we felt would be useful to our Alabama candidates.  Once scores have been released we will be in contact with all the newest NBCTs about a special pinning ceremony we will be holding at our annual conference on January 27th. Please remember that the Alabama NBCT Network is here to cheer you on!  

Helpful Tips for Score Release Day:
  1. You do not have to share your score. Regardless of what the exact cutoff number is, you are an NBCT no matter if you made it by the exact cutoff score or by 20 points above.
  2. Please be free to share if you certified with us and on social media. This is great PR for you, your school, and education in Alabama. We would love to hear from you! Please use the hashtag #ALNBCT and/or tag us on Twitter or Instagram with @alnbctnetwork. We will try to retweet any tags that we get. You can also post it on our ALNBCT Network Facebook Group.
  3. We realize that not everyone will certify this time and that is a hard pill to swallow if that is you. Remember, becoming an NBCT is a rigorous process. Just deciding to take on this challenge takes courage and commitment to becoming an accomplished educator. Many, many teachers who did not certify the first time successfully certify on their second attempt. You are not the only one who has dealt with this disappointment. Don’t let this bring you down! We are here for you! Please let us know how we can support you as you continue your journey toward becoming an accomplished teacher.
  4. Many candidates who don’t certify the first time easily certify the second time simply because they are more aware of what exactly the process is all about. Perseverance is the key! Just remember that if you don’t certify it doesn’t mean you are a bad educator, it simply means there was not enough evidence submitted for that component.

We wish all of you the best tomorrow as scores are released! Try to get some sleep tonight and stay positive no matter what the score says. We are with you all the way!